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SQL Drill – Excel Add-In for building and running SQL queries

About SQL-Drill Building complex SQL queries for a particular database can take some time and effort. SQL-Drill is a simple Excel Add-in which can connect to a SQL Server or MySQL Database, show all the tables, and allow you to … Continue reading

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‘systeminfo’ – Information about Windows, uptime, etc.

If you need to find out when Windows last rebooted, due to Windows Updates etc, open a Command Prompt, and issue: systeminfo A sample of the output is as follows: C:\Users\sburke>systeminfo   Host Name:                 SSITECH OS Name:                   Microsoft Windows 7 … Continue reading

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SQL Activity Monitor – Debug high CPU Usage for SQL Server

START -> All Programs -> Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 -> SQL Server Management Studio Connect as normal and right-click on the SQL Server (top left) and go “Activity Monitor”. The Activity Monitor will show the queries been run, the … Continue reading

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Limit Memory Usage of store.exe – Microsoft Exchange

On the SBS 2011 Server, Microsoft Exchange isn’t used at all, yet store.exe uses over 700MB of memory (via Processes in Task Manager). It doesn’t look simple/possible to remove Exchange as part of a SBS Server. Instead, below shows how … Continue reading

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Allow Domain Admin to Login to SQLServer & have full Access

For some reason when SQLServer 2008 was installed/setup, admins were not added. Therefore when trying to login via SQL Management Studio, an error was obtained: Login failed for user “username”. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 18456) I also didn’t know the … Continue reading

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Find all MSSQL Instances running, Connect and show Version

The diagram below, shows how you can use SQL Management Studio to connect to all instances of SQLServer running on your computer (as indicated in the Services list) and run a simple query to find out the exact version and … Continue reading

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Test MSSQL Server Connection

Method 1 – Command Prompt telnet server 1433 #for named instances: telnet server 1434 Method 2 – ODBC Data Source Control Panel\Administrative Tools\Data Sources (ODBC)  

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